Thai Argan Oil Massage

Thai Argan Oil Massage

Gold of Morocco, elixir of youth or simply argan oil? Regardless of the name, the massage with argan oil acts beneficially on sore muscles and joints, improves circulation and revitalizes the skin, even cracked or marked by changes.



Massage details:

Known and used for centuries as a natural cosmetic, the oil nourishes and prevents aging.

A massage with argan oil is the most appropriate form of massage for people living in stressful conditions. Its aim is to maximize muscle relaxation throughout their depth. At the same time it restores heart rhythm and blood circulation.

This massage, involving the entire body from the back of the neck to the feet, is the perfect remedy for stress and fatigue. It is especially recommended for people with tense and aching muscles. The oil is well absorbed, and it moisturizes and firms the skin effectively and lastingly.

The effects of argan oil: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging skin, provides adequate hydration, elasticity, nutrition and relieves inflammation.



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