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Thai Candle Massage

Thai Candle Massage

Thai Candle Massage

Thai massage with warm aromatic candle wax introduces a unique ritual mood. A sensual treatment that stimulates in us the intensity of scents and relaxes with the warmth of candles.

The massage is performed using only the hot oil from candles, which consists entirely of natural waxes and an aromatic mixture of essential oils. A special cosmetic candle is used which, when dissolved, changes into a warm, aromatic oil that is then massaged into the body.

The massage brings an enormity of benefits not only for our spiritual sphere, but also for the skin. Skin becomes more flexible, silky smooth and soft to the touch and has a very pleasant smell.

The skin is moisturized, nourished and radiant.

Candle massage is soothing for dry skin that lacks vitality. Deeply relaxes and soothes, eliminating tension in the body.

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